Great Job At State Aces – We Are Proud Of You All!

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This past weekend three of our all star teams attended the Florida state championships at Daytona. This was our first competition of the season with our new routines and for the majority of our girls and their parents it was their first experience of all star competitive cheerleading, which can be a little overwhelming.

Our teams all did a really great job on the mat and improved upon their recent practice performances.

This time we didn’t win, we have no State jackets or winners trophies to display but….

as coaches are proud of your efforts, dedication and behavior both on and off of the competition floor.

Winning is important but so are many other basic life skills:

Teach Your Kids Important Lessons
For a large percentage of today’s competitors, understanding what classy behavior is and choosing to practice it are definitely two different things. The right choice is often the one that is the most difficult to make or the one that involves the most personal sacrifice.
Peer pressure to look cool or to follow the crowd is in many cases stronger than the core values of “do unto others” and simply being polite—this often leads to mean-spirited behavior. If all team members make more of an effort to sincerely wish others “good luck” and cheer for the other competing teams, the positive effect will be contagious. In any competition setting, please encourage your team members to treat other competitors as they would hope to be treated. []